September 18, 2008

This is my first (of many) blog(s) to WordPress. Welcome. Comments and reviews are always appreciated. This serves as my disclaimer that whatever I write is strictly based on my own personal experiences in life and the views expressed here are not meant to offend anyone and anything, so accept my apologies in advance, if such a case occurs. Bottom line – if you don’t like what you see, feel free to close the browser.

A little bit about my blogs: they are based on the everyday stuff around me, on my mood and on the events which affect my life and form my opinions. I enjoy discussing philosophical issues and I stress that there are too many points of argument in the world today, inclusive, but going much beyond discussion of the separation of body and mind, what is morality, and whether we have predetermined destinies.

My blogs are my outlets of both emotion and rationalizations about what makes us live – the motives of society and the way it organizes itself, for good or bad.

The first several blogs here will be some old ones which I’ve decided to share. However, most will be dated to keep track of chronology anyways.